Mely Dinsdale, Owner MD Pilates

Since I started teaching Pilates in 2001. I've trained elite athletes, avid exercise enthusiasts, sedentary clientele, seniors and elderly, children and teen-agers ages 7-17, high school athletes, Minor league baseball players, jujitsu competitors, swimmers, volleyball players, golfers, gymnists, tennis players, and dancers. I have worked with specific diagnosis such as scoliosis, osteoporosis, disc-bulge, and many pre and post op surgical sites. Plus, I specialize in prenatal Pilates.

  • Pilates certification from Body Arts and Sciences International in Costa Mesa under the instruction of Master Trainer Rael Isacowitz
  • GYROTONIC® LEVEL 1 Apprentice Certified through Master Trainer Donna Place
  • BA in Kinesiology, C.S.U. Long Beach

Prior to opening my studio, I worked side by side with Registered Physical Therapists for eight years. I've obtained Specific Pre and Post Operative Rehab protocols for both Traditional Therapy and Therapy utilizing the Pilates Apparatus. I continue to attend many continuing education seminars every year since 2004, such as Body, Mind, Spirit -Santa Clara, Pilates on Tour -Balance Body, IDEA and Inner IDEA.

Flexibility and strength are two very important areas that can create balance in a client's exercise routine. Often, flexibility is not as emphasized as much as the focus of building muscle. Thus, many injuries occur due to imbalance.

Shuriu Lo

Shuriu Lo teaches her clients how to cultivate body awareness. She considers herself to be a movement awareness educator. The more her clients understand their bodies and their body patterns, the more they can take responsibility for their own physical health and well-being.

She is certified in GYROTONIC® Level I, GYROKINESIS®, Level I , the GYROTONIC® Leg Extension Unit, the GYROTONER®, the GYROTONIC® Jumping Stretching Board, and pilates. She is also a GYROTONIC® Level I Pre-trainer authorized by the GYROTONIC® organization. since 2000. She has been featured in the LATimes for her stretch and foot fitness classes.

She certified in pilates with an emphasis in dance conditioning through clinical kinesiologist Karen Clippinger, MSPE, of Body Arts and Sciences and with Karen Shanley who created the certification program at Orange Coast College. In addition, Shuriu is certified in Thai yoga massage and in the use of the Lifestream Field Generator Radiant Energy. She has taught foot fitness and stretch classes in gyms, dance studios, and pilates studios.

In pilates, Shuriu Lo certified on all pilates apparatus and mat exercises with a specialty in dance conditioning with kinesiologist Karen Clippinger, MSPE in the Body Arts and Sciences system (BASI). She also certified in pilates mat essentials with Karen Shanley who created the pilates certification program at Orange Coast College.

Elizabeth Yacoubian

Elizabeth Yacoubian has worked in the movement-related field for over twenty years. She has studied dance since a very early age, and performed in numerous private recitals and concerts. She went on to study dance at California State University Fullerton and majored in dance at California State University Long Beach. Working as a dance educator at the secondary level for eight years, she produced many concerts and shows. In addition to her love of dance, she has had an avid interest in yoga, whch she taught in her home for rwo years. In March 2004, Elizabeth became certified through Long Beach Dance Conditioning Center as a Pilates instructor in both mat and apparatus, and has been working in the field for the last six years, teaching both mat and apparatus. She continually is learning and expanding her knowledge in the field through

Elizabeth loves the Pilates method for the healing it has brought her, and the potential which it has to help build balanced, strong, flexible bodies. She loves sharing this with others, and wants to bring the very best to her clients—helping them reach their fitness goals and better health. This past August Elizabeth completed GYROTONIC®.

Christine Nohara

Christine Nohara is the Office Manager for MD Pilates and a Certified Mat Pilates Instructor through Body Arts and Sciences International. She completed her certification under the direct instruction of Master Trainer Rael Isacowitz. Christine comes from a corporate background of over 15 years and holds a Bachelors degree in Psychology from UC Irvine. She started taking Pilates classes in 2007 and upon seeing the results she was hooked and decided to become an instructor. Christine has been teaching Mat Pilates since 2008 within the MD Pilates studio and also off site. She enjoys working with people, seeing them improve, and continues to further her education in the health and wellness field.

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WELCOME to MD Pilates Studio. MD Pilates is a fully equipped Pilates & GYROTONIC® studio located in Huntington Beach, CA. With many years of experience, all of our instructors are certified. Their varied backgrounds provide them with the tools necessary to work and challenge every client. Start your PILATES training now! Come join us. - Mely Dinsdale